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The entirety of our business, design, and construction philosophy is built around these essential variables; security, quality, contemporary elegance, and convenience.  Custom Concealment Cabinetry was founded by Justin La Gra in Olympia Washington, whose passion and commitment is to design and create beautiful modern furniture to not only bring elegance to your space, but to serve you and your family by safely and securely concealing your weapons conveniently at your disposal in the time of need.

Lock It Down

Every drawer in our furniture utilizes the latest design and highest quality of drawer slides on the market.  With blue motion (self closing) and tip-on (touch open) features.  These features allow operation of each drawer without the need for external hardware, concealing the fact that there are drawers within the cabinet.  In addition to this hardware, each drawer also locks and is controlled wirelessly by radio frequency controller.  Set up your own unique pin code to lock down and unlock up to 15 drawers with one controller.  Operation can also be set up to auto lock each drawer 15-60 seconds once the drawer has been opened.  Ensuring that once you walk away, your weapons will remain secure.

Quality and Materials

Only hard woods are utilized in each design.  What ever your preference of wood species, it will be hand selected by Justin La Gra to ensure you are purchasing only the best we and the market have to offer.  Our weapon concealment furniture is built to stand the test of time not only for you, but for the generations your furniture is passed down to.  Our joinery is either mortised and tenoned or dovetailed, and every joint is glued and clamped.  Finish and pin nails are never utilzed in our assembly methods.  Our design and assembly process does require more time and skill, but our focus is to deliver you the highest quality of concealment furniture through exceptional craftsmanship!

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