"At a very young age I was exposed to the building industry through a long line of exceptional craftsmen.  My grandfathers and father were all carpenters and entrepreneurs that had a great influence in my life.  As I grew older and more skilled, my passion turned to finish work with an emphasis on woodworking and furniture building.  My father was regularly accused of overbuilding over the duration of our many projects.  But that was always what I admired most of him.  No matter the code or design minimum, he always went above and beyond, and so this was instilled in me.  Nothing was ever good enough.  In fact, that term was never used as a description of completed work.  It was an honor at the end of each day, admiring the craftsmanship and extra effort that was put into each and every task.  

No matter the difficulty and intricacy of a design, I will never compromise quality over time.  I build my furniture the way I live my life.  Proud and strong!  This is art, my brand, and an extension of myself to last for generations.  My promise is to provide you the highest level of craftsmanship, quality, and sustainable beauty while serving you and your family through every model of unique design, functional convenience, and extreme safety and security of the Custom Concealment Cabinetry design!"

Justin La Gra