Finest In the Industry

Custom Concealment Cabinetry is and always will be the shinning example of an extremely custom woodshop.  We craft all of our furniture by hand to your specific specifications within our beautiful and elegantly modern design upon order.  New models are always in the horizon as are new designs.  It's our passion to be unique in design, bringing ideas and models to our customers that haven't been seen before.  When you look at our funiture, in no way does it reflect the purpose.  Our funiture is every bit as stunning as it is covert.  Your guests will never know what you have unless you show them.  Intruders would never know to look.

Our furniture is just as beautiful on the inside as it is the outside.  We leave nothing unfinished.  All of our drawers come with pelican foam inserts to protect your weapons and also to protect the finish.  This furniture is ideal for concealing and securing any valuables you wish to keep safe.  You can remove the foam and have beautifully finished drawers to display any of your collectibles and prized possesions.

Security and safety is of our deepest concern in concealment furniture.  We take no risks in this department.  As locking devices may come as an option for most concealment furniture builders.  We won't send our furniture to you without it.  Our locking systems are revolutionary and can be customized to your individual needs.  Don't purchase concealment furniture designed to fail with swiping magnetic compartment releases, or any compartments that rely soley on concealment as its only security.  A child only has to watch you open it once and the safety and security of that furniture is gone.  Our system is completely fail safe because we designed around security first.  For added security, every model we build is designed so it can be bolted to the floor.  Not only can an intruder not gain access inside your furniture,  they also can't simply pick it up and walk away with it.  Custom Concealment Cabinetry ultimately has the winning combination of elegant design, security, safety, and convenience in every model we build.

In an industry of mass production, sub-grade materials, poor craftsmanship, and inferior assembly methods, we take a giant leap from these heavily commercialized quanity mongers and offer our customers the quality they deserve and expect from a custom shop.  Hand selected hardwoods, exceptional joinery assembly, highest of quality hardware, revolutionary security, and beautifully hand crafted furniture to last for generations are our standards in our great effort to earn your investment.

Custom Concealment Cabinetry